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I made some Art

2010-09-16 19:55:53 by gamenovice19

I made some art (not really that much of art) i just made it in Paint and i really wanted to try and post some art on Newgrounds cuz i can't make a game or vid. Yes it may be a piece of sheet but here you go!


2010-09-15 19:40:06 by gamenovice19

A lot of newgrounds art that is just amazing has been popping out lately i like that

Cool Art

2010-09-10 18:21:40 by gamenovice19

There is this really cool art i saw on newgrounds i just had to write a post about it.

Cool Art

For Yankee Fans

2010-09-02 10:05:14 by gamenovice19

If you want the Yankee player Nick Swisher to host Saturday Night Live click on the link below
Nick-Swisher-To-Host-SNL/1472272852880 83

If you don't have a Facebook and don't want to make one it's k but if you do pres Like next to We want Swish to host Saturday Night Live
And also check out my other post


2010-09-02 09:41:09 by gamenovice19

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Just a taste of my vids

Check out my youtube page um?